Light Equipment

Professional Light Equipment

LED Screens

Look at the world with the different eye


Professional Lazers for any type of entertainment

3D Video Projection

Realistic 3D video projections on any surface


Fireworks for any ceremony or occasions

Aluminum Constructions

Stages and Concerts

Audio Systems

Audio systems for concerts or any ceremony

About us

Our team is made up of highly skilled technicians and designers who work day and night in order to offer the best match for clients' needs

Astonishing Light Effects

Our Aim is to represent the prosperity and well-being of Turkmenistan to the outer world and widen mental outlook of people and our nation. Our president Gurbanguli Berdimuhammedow works diligently and pays serious attention to Turkmen business owners and corporations by creating perfect place for them to prosper their business and work We use Hi-Tech appliances which meets world standarts to represent our Turkmen nation in the field of: exhibition, national and thematical parks, theatres, movie theatres, design and building stages for outdoor activities and concerts.

Latest Works

Light Equipments

Light equipments can decorate any ceremony


We use powerful lasers for entertainment purposes

3D Video Projection

We used 3D video projection for a lot of our projects domestically and abroad


You can see our diligent work in video

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